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Backed By The Latest

Backed By The Latest


We Inducto Tech Automation Pvt. Ltd. started our first operation in 2010 marking our presence in the era of automation and to provide state-of-the-art engineering solutions. An ISO 9001:2015 certified and registered under MSME formed its wing to serve the market on QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM and Cost Optimization.

In all the years to the market we have not just made our mark but are lashed with the capabilities where we design and provide customized engineering solutions to our clients. We have hand-picked industry experts in our Research and Development team who relentlessly work to develop ultramodern technologies and regularly monitor all the processes to deliver Quality, Industry Standard Service and Best Price in the market.

Our internal system is as strong as our capabilities to design, customize and manufacture engineering solutions and so is widely spread to provide Import and Export facility to a number of countries, Client Servicing Team to ensure maximum Customer Satisfaction, Best in class After Sales Service and a strong Value Chain Supply Mechanism.

Highlighted Products

Alpha 33

High Efficiency upto 96%

APFC Panels

Available in Different sizes

DC Drives

High power & low power applications

Servo Voltage Stabilizer

High power & low power applications

H.F Welders

Vaccum Tube Contact Welders

Robotic Control System

Processing & Packaging

Electronic Tubes

Compact design with resonable prices

H.F Induction Heaters

High Frequency Induction Heaters

Welcome to INDUCTO TECH automation PVT. LTD.

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